Organic Meadow Hay

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Organic meadow hay can be important to your small herbivore’s diet because it can promote digestive, dental, and mental health for your small pet. Meadow hay is fairly common and is sold throughout the United States. However, we offer organic meadow hay that is free from additives or preservatives. After purchasing some of our organic meadow hay, you can offer large handfuls (at least the size of your pet’s body) into your pet’s home daily. With a moderate soft-to-crunch ratio, organic meadow hay may be just what your small pet needs to stay happy and well. Sign up on our subscription plan and save up to 15% on all organic meadow hay sales! We even have the option for you to choose several hay varieties in our pet hay bundles!

Our Organic Meadow Hay Pledge

  • No Additives
  • No Preservatives
  • Fresh Pet Food


Our organic meadow hay is grown in USDA-certified organic fields on local family farms in the Pacific Northwest and packaged in-house. USDA organic means that there are no GMOs, no antibiotics, no herbicides, and no toxic chemicals used, making our organic garden straw safe for you and your pets.


Your pet may enjoy nothing better than sweet, savory, nutritious, fresh, organic meadow hay. In fact, a great herbivore diet that uses high-altitude hay products (like BMH organic meadow hay), includes 10% fresh greens, 20% appropriate pellets, and 70% high-altitude hay (e.g. organic meadow hay). Your pet deserves to be treated like a royal pet-king! Organic meadow hay does just that! Sign up on a subscription so that you don’t have to worry about re-ordering your pet’s favorite healthy, sweet snack!


Organic Meadow Hay promotes healthy animal well-being, promotes natural foraging behavior, and brings the taste of nature to your small pets. Whether you need bunny food, guinea pig treats, or chinchilla treats, you can rest assured that your pet is eating healthily!


We’re committed to selling fresh products that bring joy to your pets (whether that’s a happy chirp, squeak, or any other small pet happy noise). Harvested in the Pacific Northwest, we deliver fresh organic meadow hay directly to your door after the sale is made.

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