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Orchard Grass Hay

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A common pet food option, orchard grass hay has remained a classic alongside the renowned timothy hay. Packed with nutrients, orchard grass hay is for sale all across the United States. Blue Mountain Hay offers orchard grass hay that is grown at high altitudes, which helps the plant grow slower, making it more densely packed with nutrients. Fresh, mountain-grown orchard grass hay is just what your pet deserves! It’s softer, more flavorful, and high in fiber, helping your pet naturally maintain good dental and digestive health. Not to mention, orchard grass hay also can help your small pet’s mental health by recreating natural foraging behaviors.

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Each pouch of orchard grass hay that we have for sale contains these nutrient statistics:

  1. Crude Protein Min 8%
  2. Crude Fat Min 1.5%
  3. Crude Fiber Max 35%
  4. Moisture Max 12%

Store the hay in a cool dry place. Reclose after each use to help maintain the orchard grass hay freshness!


Your pet deserves to be feeling, acting, and doing absolutely fantastic…all the time! Orchard grass hay is one way to keep your small pet in good mental health. By placing the hay at different parts of your pet’s cage, you’ll be able to create a simulated natural environment where your pet can “naturally” forage. A happy forager = a happy pet!


Our Blue Mountain orchard grass hay (that we offer for sale nationwide) is grown at high altitudes in the Blue Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. This high-altitude cultivation of our orchard grass hay promotes slow plant growth, which enhances the nutrients, digestibility, and flavor in each pet-bite of hay!


We strive to maintain absolutely excellent quality for all of our products, including orchard grass hay. We also deliver only fresh hay with minimum touchpoints…directly to your door!

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