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Welcome to the Blue Mountain Hay family. Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest fiber baskets of Walla Walla, Willamette and central Oregon, we’ve been harvesting nutrient-rich, high-altitude and organic hay for over a quarter-century. Due to the unique nature of our pristine climate, we produce hay of uncommon quality. You and your animal family deserve nothing less than the best Blue Mountain Hay can offer.

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High-Altitude = High-Performance. Cooler, higher-altitudes produce slow-growth hay with a shorter harvest window. It’s softer, less stemmy and packed with nutrients, making it more palatable and easier to digest. It’s hay candy!

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We produce some of the highest-quality organic hay anywhere. The high-altitude Pacific Northwest is blessed with pristine air, water and nutrient-rich volcanic ash soil. When you buy organic Blue Mountain Hay, you’re bringing all that goodness to your animal friends.

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We’re built on trusted relationships with family farms – including many century farms – that call the Pacific Northwest their home. We connect these farmers to the larger market, including international export, helping the tradition of American small farms flourish.

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High in the Pacific Northwest mountains grows among the finest hay in the world. Blue Mountain Hay is a multi-generational family-owned business dedicated to providing the highest integrity product we can. We’ve built our business on trusted relationships. Whether you’re a farmer or a customer, we welcome you to the Blue Mountain Hay family.

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Why High-Altitude?

The high-altitude Pacific Northwest is a special place. The combination of longer days, cooler nights, and intense sunshine means plants produce more leaves and seeds per stem, resulting in NFC concentrations almost 15% higher, studies show. And being less stemmy, it has a softer, more palatable texture animals love. This is some seriously hot hay!