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Introducing Blue Mountain Hay Organic Garden Straw. A pesticide-free mulch for your garden or lawn.
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Good to the last straw. Blue Mountain Hay Organic Garden Straw is an all-natural, sustainable way to grow a better garden. It suppresses weeds and retains moisture while feeding the soil. Grown in the pristine Pacific Northwest, it’s free from chemicals, colorings and additives. It’s the perfect straw for garden mulch, vegetable gardens, flower beds, lawn seeding, composting & more. Drop that big-box dyed mulch and pick up some of nature’s!

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We produce some of the
highest-quality organic garden straw anywhere. The high-altitude Pacific Northwest is blessed with pristine air, water and nutrient-rich volcanic ash soil. When you buy Blue Mountain Hay Organic Garden Straw, you’re bringing all that goodness to your garden.

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Quick, convenient and reliable, we deliver quality straw directly to you. Simply place your order, and we’ll ensure fresh, clean straw is delivered to your doorstep, saving you time and effort. If straw is what you’re looking for, we’re here to bail you out!

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We’re built on trusted relationships with family farms – including many century farms – that call the Pacific Northwest their home. We connect these farmers to the larger market, including international export, helping the tradition of American small farms flourish.

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Do less, get more. Blue Mountain Hay’s Organic Garden Straw reduces weeding and watering while feeding your soil with all-natural organic material. We think you’ll really dig it!

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Retain Moisture

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Suppress Weeds

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