Organic Garden Straw

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If you’re looking to find an organic and natural way to cultivate your garden, check out our organic garden straw for sale. Although you may not be too familiar with the idea of straw for sale as garden mulch, organic garden straw is very good for your garden. It prevents weed growth and improves the soil as it decomposes. Try our premium-quality organic garden straw now!

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Grown in USDA Certified Organic fields on local family farms in the Pacific Northwest and packaged in-house. USDA organic means there are no GMOs, no antibiotics, no herbicides, and no toxic chemicals used, making our organic garden straw safe for you and your pets!


Organic garden straw retains moisture by keeping your soil wet longer and reducing the frequency you need to water your garden. The protective straw cover also shades your soil so cool-season crops don’t bolt as soon. Cilantro, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and other cool-weather crops will grow longer into the warmer months.


Great for new yard applications! Garden straw provides provide warmth and moisture for early spring and late fall grass seed applications. It also protects grass seed from scouring due to rain, overwatering or high winds making sure your new grass is off to a great start!


Organic Garden straw is great for your garden, unlike artificial fabrics, chemicals, and covers. With NO added chemicals your garden and lawn will remain truly organic while improving your soil. As the straw composts, it slowly adds nutrients to your garden and lawn which improves your soil and encourages worm habitation.


Since organic garden straw blocks out the sun, it can help prevent hidden weeds from growing. Garden straw covers the soil, which helps prevent seed germination from unwanted weeds. It can also save on high summer water bills.

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There are all kinds of straw products out there for gardens and pets. Then there's fresh garden and bedding straw. There are all kinds of pet food products out there. Then there's tasty, nutritious pet food. We don't believe in typical products. We believe in real, healthy, genuine products.