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Organic Bedding Straw

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Blue Mountain Hay organic bedding straw is farmed fresh in the Pacific Northwest and can be used as bedding for your hamster, guinea pig, chinchilla, rabbit, or any other small pet that you may have. If you’re looking for organic bedding straw for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Try our straw pet bedding now!

Our Organic Product Pledge

  • No Chemicals
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Flavorings
  • No Additives

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Grown in USDA Certified Organic fields on local family farms in the Pacific Northwest and packaged in-house. USDA organic means there are no GMOs, no antibiotics, no herbicides, and toxic chemicals used, making our bedding straw safe for you and your pets!


Great bedding and nesting material for small animals such as guinea pigs, hamsters, bunnies, chinchillas, bird nests, chicken coups, feral cats, or bedding for whatever other small pet that you have.


Great for organic gardening, raised garden beds, garden mulch, and garden compost. Our straws can also be used for fun in DIY arts & crafts, fall and autumn decoration, and projects for children.


Want an animal bedding that is an excellent absorbent? Straw is known to be just that and will help keep your pet cage dry and clean. If you’re looking for high-quality straw for rabbit bedding, hamster bedding, guinea pig bedding, or other small pet beddings, look no further than our Organic Bedding Straw.


At Blue Mountain Hay, we take pride in ensuring our organic small animal bedding straw has no added chemicals, is safe for children and pets, and is delivered fresh from the farm to your home.

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There are all kinds of straw products out there for gardens and pets. Then there's fresh garden and bedding straw. There are all kinds of pet food products out there. Then there's tasty, nutritious pet food. We don't believe in typical products. We believe in real, healthy, genuine products.