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Introducing Blue Mountain Hay Organic Garden Straw. A pesticide-free mulch for your garden or lawn.
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Organic Seedless Garden Straw Mulch

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Organic Garden Straw Guide
Introducing Blue Mountain Hay Organic Garden Straw. A pesticide-free mulch for your garden or lawn.

Harvested fresh from the Pacific Northwest, Blue Mountain Hay Organic Seedless Garden Straw can help you unlock the potential of your lawn or garden. Our Organic Seedless Garden Straw Mulch is made up of organic wheat straw that has been compressed to reduce environmental costs. You’ll need to pull it apart for easy spreading in garden and lawn applications.

  • 75 sq ft for the 5lb
  • 150 sq ft for the 10lb
  • 375 sq ft for 25lb box

No More Weeds!

Blue Mountain Hay has upgraded the Organic Seedless Garden Straw Mulch, and we can now confirm it is seed-free (and weed-free)! If you have had issues with wheat seeds sprouting in your garden, you can rest assured that you will no longer have to deal with that. Our Organic Seedless Garden Straw Mulch is inspected for seeds so that you will not need to worry about any more unwanted greenery in your garden!

Our Organic Product Pledge

  • No Chemicals
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Flavorings
  • No Additives
  • No Seeds!

If you’re looking for an organic and natural approach to nurturing your garden, explore our organic seedless garden straw mulch, which is available for purchase. While you might not be overly acquainted with the concept of using straw as garden mulch, organic seedless garden straw proves highly beneficial for your garden. It effectively inhibits weed growth and enha nces soil quality as it breaks down over time. Experience the benefits of our top-notch organic seedless garden straw mulch today!

Ways to Use Garden StrawPractical Applications
Garden MulchSpread a layer of straw around your plants to make a mulch. This keeps the soil moist, helps control its temperature, and stops weeds from growing.
CompostingInclude straw in your compost pile or bin. It acts as a carbon-rich “brown” material to balance out the nitrogen-rich “green” stuff like kitchen scraps or grass clippings. Tear or cut the straw into smaller pieces to help it break down faster.
Soil AmendmentMix our seedless straw into your garden soil to enhance its structure and ability to hold water.
Erosion ControlPut loose straw in areas where erosion often happens, like slopes or bare soil, to stop soil from washing away when it rains or gets windy.


100% Organic: Grown in USDA Certified Organic fields on local family farms in the Pacific Northwest. USDA organic means no GMOs, antibiotics, herbicides, or toxic chemicals are used, making our organic garden straw safe for you and your pets!

ProsPractical Applications
Healthier for your gardenNot treated with chemical pesticides or herbicides.
Environmentally friendlyPromotes sustainable farming methods, decreases chemical runoff into water sources, and encourages biodiversity.
Builds soil fertilityEnhances soil structure, helps retain moisture, and increases nutrient availability for healthier plant growth.
Safer for food productionReduce the chance of chemical residues in your food.
Long-term sustainabilityHelps preserve natural resources, lowers environmental impact, and boosts the overall health and resilience of your garden ecosystem.


Using organic seedless garden straw mulch helps keep your soil moist for longer periods, reducing the need for frequent watering in your garden. The straw cover also provides shade to the soil, preventing cool-season crops from bolting prematurely. This means crops like cilantro, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and others can thrive longer into the warmer months.

ProsPractical Applications
Water ConservationCreates a protective barrier that minimizes evaporation, stopping water from escaping the soil surface, when using organic seedless garden straw.
Reducing Watering FrequencyDecrease how often you need to water your plants by slowing down water evaporation, which lets plants access moisture for longer periods between watering sessions.
Regulation of Soil TemperatureThe garden mulch layer shields the soil, keeping it from getting too hot and decreasing heat stress on plant roots.


Ideal for new yard projects! Organic seedless garden straw offers warmth and moisture for early spring and late fall grass seed applications. It shields grass seed from washing away due to rain, overwatering, or strong winds, ensuring your new grass gets a fantastic start!

ProsPractical Applications
Weed SuppressionOur Organic Seedless Garden Straw stops weed seeds from reaching the soil surface and sprouting, reducing competition for nutrients, water, and sunlight. This allows grass seeds to establish and grow without interference from weeds.
Organic Matter AdditionEnhances soil fertility, structure, and nutrient availability, promoting the long-term health and vitality of the lawn.


Organic seedless garden straw is excellent for your garden, unlike artificial fabrics, chemicals, or covers. With no added chemicals, your garden and lawn will stay organic, and your soil will be enhanced. As the straw decomposes, it gradually provides nutrients to your garden and lawn, improving your soil and encouraging worm activity.

ProsPractical Applications
Bulk and PorosityThe fibrous texture of straw creates gaps in the pile, enabling air, water, and beneficial microorganisms to circulate, which accelerates decomposition.
Carbon-Rich MaterialIt offers the right carbon-to-nitrogen ratio, aiding in the decomposition process and contributing to the creation of nutrient-rich compost.
Sustainable Waste ManagementComposting organic seedless garden straw mulch is an environmentally friendly method to handle garden waste.


As organic seedless garden straw mulch blocks out the sunlight, it can prevent hidden weeds from sprouting. Covering the soil with garden straw helps inhibit the germination of unwanted weed seeds. Additionally, it can lead to savings on high summer water bills.

ProPractical Application
Weed SuppressionGarden straw acts as a barrier, stopping weed seeds from reaching the soil surface and sprouting. It blocks sunlight from reaching the weeds, stopping their growth and minimizing competition for nutrients, water, and sunlight with your desired plants.

How to Apply Organic Seedless Garden Straw

Here are 9 steps to follow to apply organic garden straw to your garden.

Step 1: Gather the necessary materials

  • Organic garden straw is available at garden centers, nurseries, or online.
  • Gardening gloves are essential for protecting your hands while working in the garden.

Step 2: Prepare your garden bed

  • Clear the garden bed of any weeds, debris, or unwanted plants.
  • Loosen the soil with a garden fork or tiller to enhance aeration and drainage.

Step 3: Water the garden bed

  • Before laying down the straw, make sure to thoroughly water the garden bed to ensure that the soil is moist.

Step 4: Spread the straw

  • Take a handful of straw and spread it evenly over the surface of the garden bed, starting from one end and moving to the other.
  • Try to create a layer of straw that is approximately 2-4 inches thick. This will assist in suppressing weeds and retaining moisture in the soil.

Step 5: Avoid plant stems

  • While spreading the straw, be cautious not to cover the stems or crowns of any existing plants in your garden. Piling straw around stems can cause moisture buildup and possible rot.

Step 6: Fill in the gaps

  • Pay attention to any gaps or bare spots in the straw coverage, and add more straw as necessary. The aim is to establish a uniform layer across the entire garden bed.

Step 7: Water the straw

  • After applying the straw, gently water it to help settle it down and ensure good contact with the soil below.

Step 8: Monitor moisture levels

  • Regularly check the moisture levels in your garden bed, especially during dry periods. While the garden straw mulch aids in retaining moisture, you may still need to water your plants as needed.

Step 9: Reapply as needed

  • Over time, the straw may break down or be blown away. Reapply straw as necessary to keep a consistent layer and continue to suppress weeds and retain moisture.
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