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Organic Bedding Straw

Farmed fresh in the Pacific Northwest, our organic bedding straw contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives.

Because of its organic nature, this product works as a natural straw bedding for rabbits, guinea pig bedding, outdoor feral cat bedding, or other small pet bedding (or even as a garden mulch!). Our bedding straw can be placed in animal cages, shelters, chicken coops, or other outdoor spaces as it’s a great insulator that will help keep your pet cozy and warm. Plus, our organic bedding straw is an excellent absorbent that will help keep your pet cage dry and clean at the same time.

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What’s Great about our Organic Straw?


Organic means that there are no chemicals, preservatives, or additives in our straw that can be used for animal bedding. You can rest assured they are free of harsh pesticides and other chemicals, making your pet’s environment much safer and more natural.

Farmed Fresh

Harvested fresh in the Pacific Northwest, our bedding straw is delivered directly to your front door. Organic bedding straw provides warmth and comfort for your pet, acting as an absorbent insulator that will shelter your pets on cold nights and winter months.

Odor Control

Our animal bedding straw helps with odor control, which will help keep your house from smelling like a zoo. If you have struggled to keep the pet odors at a minimum, try placing some clean bedding straw in the cage. As it gets used, you can easily replace it with fresh straw.

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What’s the big deal about Organic Bedding Straw?

Maybe you’re wondering, “Is there any difference between organic animal bedding straw and other animal bedding materials?”

Yes, there are! Here are a couple of quick reasons why: our products have no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial colors, no flavorings, no additives; it’s simply organic bedding straw. That’s the beauty of it. Your pet doesn’t want artificial bedding. It wants fresh, real, organic straw for bedding (e.g. straw for cat shelter).

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Responsibly Farmed Bedding Straw

A good farmer respects the land and the soil, and so it is with Blue Mountain Hay. Our Pacific Northwest farming partners maintain high standards of environmental stewardship and sustainable farming techniques. Generation after generation of high-altitude cultivation has produced top-notch hay and straw. Because everything comes from the soil at some point, taking care of it is a top priority!

HEALTHY. Fresh. Genuine.

There are all kinds of straw products out there for gardens and pets. Then there's fresh garden and bedding straw. There are all kinds of pet food products out there. Then there's tasty, nutritious pet food. We don't believe in typical products. We believe in real, healthy, genuine products.