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High Altitude Alfalfa Hay Pellets

Ever consider alfalfa pellets for your horse? These pellets provide an easily manageable and dust-free alternative to traditional baled hay. This gives you, the horse owner, a convenient way to feed hay to your horses without the mess.

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Benefits of Pellets vs Cubes

Transitioning Horses from Cubes to Pellets

  1. Start Slow– Introduce pellets gradually, beginning with a small percentage mixed with the cubes (e.g., 10% pellets, 90% cubes).
  2. Increase Gradually– Slowly increase the pellet ratio over several weeks while decreasing the cubes. Monitor the horse for any digestive or behavioral changes.
  3. Monitor Health: Watch for signs of colic, choking, or other health issues throughout the transition.
  4. Complete the Transition: Adjust based on the horse’s response, aiming to fully transition to pellets in about 4 to 6 weeks.
  5. Ongoing Monitoring: Continue to monitor your horse’s health and dietary balance even after the transition is complete.
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High altitude = High performance. Cooler. Higher altitude nights produce slow-growth hay that’s packed with nutrients, softer, and less stemmy, making it more palatable and easier to digest. It’s hay candy!

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We’re a family-owned farming company with trusted relationships with neighboring family farms, including many century farms- that call the Pacific Northwest their home, ensuring the tradition of American small farms continues to flourish.

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Get top-notch hay delivered straight to your doorstep – fast, easy, and dependable. Just place your order, and we’ll bring you fresh, nutrient-packed hay, saving you valuable time and hassle. Count on us to rescue you whenever hay is on the menu!

Our Other Horse Products

High-quality hay directly affects your horse’s performance. Blue Mountain Hay invests a lot of time harvesting clean hay for your horses. Grown at cooler nighttime temperatures in the mountains, our family-owned business delivers easy hay and other horse products directly to your farm. See all horse products now!

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Horse Feeding

Pellets offer a convenient and easily measured feed, promoting overall digestive health for your animals. To enhance hydration or accommodate aggressive eaters and horses with dental issues, it’s advised to feed pellets wet-soaked in water (2 parts water to 1 part pellets) until properly softened, typically 30 minutes. Pelleted forage should not be the only source for horses. Incorporating Blue Mountain Timothy, Teff, Orchard, Oat, and other hay varieties can prevent boredom and stable vices.

Feeding Recommendations

Horses and Cattle 70-90% of their diet should be hayfeed 2% of their body weight a day
Sheep and Goats70-90% of their diet should be hayfeed 4% of their body weight a day
Small Pets5-10% of their diet should be hayfeed a small amount every day

Storage and Handling

Proper storage can extend shelf life to a year or more. Store forages in covered, cool, well-ventilated conditions away from the effects of weather.

“I have nice, clean hay that I’m feeding to my horses.”

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