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Organic Alfalfa Hay

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Do you want your pet to be receiving protein, essential minerals, and vitamins every day? Our 100% Organic Alfalfa is a legume hay, which is high in protein and healthy fats. This makes organic alfalfa a great nutritional choice for animals that are growing, pregnant, nursing, or enjoying their later years. This sweet-smelling hay will bring you and your beloved pets closer together at every meal. Plus, high altitude cultivation promotes slower growth for hay, which results in a feed that has a higher percentage of nutrition to fiber. What’s more is that Blue Mountain Alfalfa Hay promotes a natural foraging behavior in rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, and guinea pigs. The soft texture and sweet smell of alfalfa hay will stimulate your pet’s appetite, making for happy and full pets.

Our Organic Product Pledge

  • No Chemicals
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Flavorings
  • No Additives

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Grown in USDA Certified Organic fields on local family farms in the Pacific Northwest. USDA organic means there are no GMOs, antibiotics, herbicides, toxic chemicals used, making this product safe for you and your pets!


100% Organic Alfalfa Hay is a legume hay that is dense in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. It also promotes good digestive health, promotes rich calcium for growing bones, and includes no artificial preservatives.


Small animals can be picky eaters, but with a soft texture and rich taste, Organic Alfalfa Hay provides a delicious and healthy treat for any other of your pets. We select the highest quality alfalfa hay and hand-pack every box so your rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, or other small pet will enjoy beautiful green alfalfa hay.


We take pride in delivering fresh alfalfa hay with minimal touchpoints and handling, safely packaged in a durable corrugated box.


Our Organic Alfalfa Hay Supports the vital nutritional needs of young, pregnant, nursing, and older animals.

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