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Take care of them, they take care of you. They’re working hard for you, and they deserve the best you can give them. They’ll thank you for it – it’s shown that a happy herd is a more productive herd. Farmed fresh in the pristine valleys of the Pacific Northwest mountains, Blue Mountain Hay is grown in a high-altitude climate, resulting in slow-growth, nutrient-rich hay with a softness and fragrance like no other. This is some seriously hot hay!

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High-Altitude = High-Performance.
Cooler, higher-altitudes produce slow-growth hay with a shorter harvest window. It’s softer, less stemmy and packed with nutrients, making it more palatable and easier to digest. It’s hay candy!

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We produce some of the highest-quality organic hay anywhere. The high-altitude Pacific Northwest is blessed with pristine air, water and nutrient-rich volcanic ash soil. When you buy organic Blue Mountain Hay, you’re bringing all that goodness to your animal friends.

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We’re built on trusted relationships with family farms – including many century farms – that call the Pacific Northwest their home. We connect these farmers to the larger market, including international export, helping the tradition of American small farms flourish.


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“Our purpose is to take care of what God’s given us to farm.”


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