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Paying it forward: Salt Agri-plus

We believe in cultivating with a conscience, succeeding with a soul and driving positive change in our world. That’s why Blue Mountain Hay supports SALT Agri-Plus, a non-profit program who helps farmers realize their God-given resources and implement sustainable farming practices in third world countries. By providing financial contributions to SALT and introducing others to their warm-hearted cause, we hope to further support their work to teach farmers in developing countries soil conservation, crop production, breeding and caring for farm animals and ultimately helping  them improve their yields and lives of their families and communities.

Opportunities for Refugees in Bangladesh

The SALT Agri-Plus program promotes hope, self-sustainability, and community support. Anowara, a twenty-seven-year-old widow, fled with her two-year-old son to a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh after she lost her husband in the uprising in Myanmar against the Rohingya people. The SALT Agri-Plus program in Anowar’s camp prepared her to support herself. Thanks to the agricultural training program, Anowar is able to raise fruit and vegetables for herself and her son and have enough to sell.

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