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Farmed fresh in the Pacific Northwest for our family business, our Timothy grass hay makes a great nutritional food or snack for your pet hamster, rabbit, gerbil, or some other small pet you have. Timothy hay is low in calories and an excellent source of fiber (keeping the digestive tract clean) and minerals. We have timothy grass hay for sale in pouches or boxes. We even have the option for you to choose several hay varieties in our pet hay bundles!

Our timothy grass hay pouches and boxes are an affordable way to feed your little pets! Timothy grass hay also provides fiber and protein (= energy), helps dental health, keeps a pet’s weight in check, and can promote foraging behavior. It’s also a great soft bedding material. Plus, at Blue Mountain (a family business), Timothy Grass Hay is grown at a high altitude, which slows the growth process of the plant, thereby increasing the nutrient density in each pet bite.

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Each box or pouch of high-altitude timothy grass hay that we have for sale contains these nutrient statistics:

  1. Crude Protein Min 8%
  2. Crude Fat Min 1.5%
  3. Crude Fiber Max 35%
  4. Moisture Max 12%

Store the hay in a cool, dry place. Reclose after each use to help maintain the freshness of high-altitude-grown Timothy grass hay!

Our Timothy Hay Pledge

  • High-Altitude Grown
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Flavorings
  • Fresh from our Family Business
  • No Additives


High quality, high-altitude Timothy Hay makes a nourishing bunny food, hamster treat, guinea pig treat, hamster food, and more. We understand small animals can be picky eaters, which is why our timothy hay is hand-picked, inspected, and packaged thoroughly. We strive for tasty, healthy, beautifully green timothy grass hay for hamsters, rabbits, or the other small animals that you love.


High-altitude cultivation of timothy grass hay promotes slower growth, which enriches nutrients and enhances digestibility. At Blue Mountain Hay, we care about natural ingredients and only source quality ingredients. That’s why our Timothy Hay is a great option for guinea pig hay, hamster food, or some other small pet food.


When it comes to keeping your small animals happy, hay is an important and valuable part of a pet’s diet. Our high-altitude timothy hay is hearty, flavorful, and fiber-packed, making it an enjoyable option for guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and more.


Timothy hay promotes healthy animal well-being, promotes natural foraging behavior, and brings the taste of nature to your small pets. Timothy Hay is also a great option for horses, tortoises, prairie dogs, and other livestock and farm animals. Whether you need bunny food, guinea pig treats, or chinchilla treats, you can rest assured that your pet is eating healthily!


Whether used for guinea pig treats, rabbit treats, hamster treats, or chinchilla treats, our Timothy Hay is harvested fresh from family farms throughout the Pacific Northwest. We take pride in delivering fresh hay with minimal touch points and handling—safely packaged in a durable corrugated box.

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