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Two guinea pigs who are on a diet of timothy hay for guinea pigs

Timothy Hay for Guinea Pigs: Your Comprehensive Guide

Two guinea pigs who are on a diet of timothy hay for guinea pigs

Wondering what the fuss over timothy hay is all about? Looking to further support your guinea pigs’ health? We understand your questions and concerns. Through this article, you will better understand the benefits of timothy hay for guinea pigs. 

Ready to be both educated and inspired? Okay, let’s keep learning! 


The answer is a resounding yes! You may have heard that other types of hay, such as orchard grass hay, are a better choice for your guinea pig. But the reality is that timothy hay is the number one hay choice for your furry critter. Not only is timothy hay safe, but it also provides needed health benefits for your guinea pig, including:

  • High fiber content
  • Vitamins and minerals 
  • Dental health 
  • Low calcium and protein 
  • Weight management 
  • Psychological and behavioral benefits 
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Two guinea pigs who are on a diet of timothy hay for guinea pigs

High fiber content

Because of the high fiber content, timothy hay promotes a healthy digestive system. When guinea pigs are on a steady diet of timothy hay, you may find that their waste is firmer and healthier. And of course, the last thing you want your guinea pig to suffer from is gastrointestinal issues such as constipation and bloating. Continuing to give your guinea pig timothy hay will help prevent these medical issues from becoming personal to your beloved pet. 

But please keep in mind that timothy hay is not a magic potion that will keep health concerns at bay. 

Vitamins and minerals

Ensuring optimal calcium and potassium levels is vital for guinea pig health. Balancing these minerals prevents overt deficiencies and soft tissue calcification, promoting the overall well-being of guinea pigs. Timothy hay offers many minerals that will enable your guinea pig to thrive! Each crunch of timothy hay gives a guinea pig a healthy amount of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and zinc that they need. 

a field of hay

Dental health 

Guinea pigs have teeth which continuously grow throughout their lives. Additionally, their lower jaw (mandible) is wider than the upper one (maxilla). Dental problems, like misalignment, are common due to factors such as diet and genes. If their molars get too big, it may cause difficulty in eating, abscesses, and a runny nose. Keeping an eye on a guinea pig’s teeth regularly is really important for their health.

Okay, why did we go over the dental health of guinea pigs? Well, we wanted to demonstrate how important it is that your guinea pig experiences proper dental care. Want to know one of the ways you can aid in preventing overgrown or misaligned teeth? You guessed it! Feed your guinea pig timothy hay. 🙂 

Now, of course, it’s important to remember that while timothy hay is not a cure-all solution to dental care, it sure goes a long way! As always, if you notice any dental problems in your furry critter, consult a veterinarian who is familiar with guinea pig needs. 

Low calcium and protein 

If levels of calcium and protein are too high in guinea pigs, they may develop urinary issues like bladder stones. However, timothy hay helps give your guinea pig a balanced diet, ensuring that your guinea pig does receive the levels of calcium and protein needed. 

Of course, you don’t want your guinea pig to completely lack vitamin C! The Humane Society states that insufficient vitamin C in guinea pigs can result in scurvy, “signs of which include a weakened immune system, abnormal bone and tooth development and growth, and delayed wound healing.” So for the health of your furry critters, don’t forget to add timothy hay to your shopping list. 

Keep in mind that timothy hay alone will not provide adequate levels of vitamin C. Since vitamin C degrades rapidly, a supplementation in tablet form is recommended. For your healthy guinea pig, try to give 10 mg/day of a vitamin C supplement; however, if your guinea pig has a deficiency, 50 mg/day is suggested. You may want to consult this article, for more information. 

guinea pigs who are on a diet of timothy hay for guinea pigs

Weight management 

Want to know a fun benefit of timothy hay for guinea pigs? Natural foraging. Let’s break this down somewhat. Given the natural instincts of guinea pigs, they love to rummage through the contents of their cage. When you place timothy hay in their space, they will delight in trying to separate the different parts: leaves, stems, ect. 

How does this relate to weight management? When a guinea pig is kept active through foraging timothy hay, their physical activity helps keep their overall weight in check. 

If you want to even further empower your guinea pig to forage, consider gifting them a foraging pad where you can hide slips of timothy hay into the pockets. Talk about fun and nutrients all in one bright package! 

Demonstrating how to harvest timothy hay for guinea pigs

Psychological and behavioral benefits 

Not only does foraging provide a bit of a weight management program for your guinea pig, but it also provides psychological and behavioral support. No one wants a bored, sedentary pet. With the addition of timothy hay to your guinea pig’s diet, you will be preventing boredom and stress in the life of your tiny critter. 

Also, did you know that your guinea pig has an intense desire to chew at all times? Easy solution: keep timothy hay present in your guinea pigs’ cage. 

Okay, we understand that was a heap of information! To easily understand the benefits and descriptions, check out our table. 

Benefits of timothy hay for guinea pigs Summary 
High Fiber ContentHelps promote a healthy digestive system and aids in preventing gastrointestinal issues. 
Essential Vitamins and MineralsTimothy hay is full of calcium, protein, and other needed minerals.
Dental Health Benefits Naturally helps to wear down guinea pigs’ ever-growing teeth. 
Low Calcium and Protein Levels Gives the correct balance of calcium and protein, helping to give great health.
Weight Management and Obesity Prevention The natural foraging provided through timothy hay helps ensure that guinea pigs get enough exercise.
Psychological and Behavioral Benefits Foraging helps to prevent boredom and can also ease stress that guinea pigs may face on a day-to-day basis. 
guinea pigs who are on a diet of timothy hay for guinea pigs

Which cut of timothy hay is best for guinea pigs? 

Overall, the second cut of timothy hay offers more nutrients and fiber for guinea pigs. But before you can draw your conclusions, here is a description of each cut of timothy hay. 

The First Cut 

This initial cut of timothy hay has a hardy and coarse texture, featuring additional seed heads for an added natural enrichment. While it offers amazing fiber content, protein and fat levels are very reduced. The hay appears lighter in color, providing a satisfying chewing experience for guinea pigs. 

The first cut of timothy hay is an ideal choice for guinea pigs who have unwanted weight gain and GI issues. Although this kind of timothy hay may help ease the above symptoms, it’s important to first check with a veterinarian who specializes in guinea pig health. 

The Second Cut 

Overall, this is the best option of timothy hay for adult guinea pigs, as it provides ideal amounts of nutrition – fiber, protein, and fat. Harvested in springtime or on the brink of summer, the second cut of timothy hay is softer and has a mix of stems and leaves. It has a higher nutrient content compared to the first cut, making it a better choice for guinea pigs. Rest assured, this cut of timothy hay provides a good balance of texture and nutrition for guinea pigs. 

The Third Cut 

The third cut of timothy hay is exceptionally soft and tasty, making it ideal for picky eaters among pets. It’s a rare find, harvested later in the season. Out of the three cuts, this variety contains the least amount of fiber, but compensates with higher levels of protein and fat. 

If you have a guinea pig in need of weight gain or a softer variety of hay, the third cut is an excellent option. Additionally, you may have a picky guinea pig. No worries. Most likely your finicky eater will find this option to be delicious. But please remember that if your guinea pig is losing weight, contact a veterinarian immediately. We would hate to see your little friend suffer! 

a field of timothy hay for guinea pigs

Comparison of the 3 Cuts of Timothy Hay

Type of Timothy Hay Advantages Disadvantages Give to: 
1st Cut Great fiber intake; more seeds for foraging; can aid in weight loss; promotes good dental health Less protein; coarse texture; less appealing to guinea pigs Guinea pigs needing to lose some weight; those with some dental issues or GI struggles
2nd Cut Soft and tasty; ideal balance of fiber, protein, and fat; softer; easier to chew Less fiber than the first cut Healthy adult guinea pigs as a regular part of their diet 
3rd Cut Extra soft and tasty; picky eaters love this cut Least amount of fiber; high amounts of protein and fat; rare variety of timothy hay; could cause weight gain Picky eaters; guinea pigs needing some extra weight 

For more information, consult this article on the differences between the three cuts of timothy hay. Also, please note that you should always consult a veterinarian immediately if you notice a health-related issue. Do not rely on timothy hay to be the cure-all for your precious guinea pig. 

Demonstrating the process of producing timothy hay for guinea pigs

Why do most guinea pigs need timothy hay? 

Maybe you are asking yourself the question, “What does timothy hay do for guinea pigs?” In short, it’s beneficial to give timothy hay to your guinea pig for several reasons:

  1. Aids in digestion
  2. Helps with dental health
  3. Assists in preventing obesity
  4. Prevents urinary problems 

What’s the difference between alfalfa and timothy hay for guinea pigs?

Okay, so we know that timothy hay is amazing for guinea pigs. But can you give your guinea pig alfalfa hay as a substitute to timothy hay? The answer is fairly straightforward:

  • Alfalfa hay is an amazing nutritional supplement for young, growing guinea pigs.
  • Timothy hay is suitable for adult guinea pigs, starting around 6 months old. 
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Alfalfa hay

Alfalfa hay is a legume hay, along with clover and vetch. The most important thing to note about alfalfa hay is that it is high in calcium and fat content. While this is a wonderful solution for your baby guinea pigs (birth to six months) and pregnant or nursing guinea pig mothers, you should not feed alfalfa hay to adult guinea pigs as a part of their regular diet. If for some reason, you do want to add alfalfa hay to your guinea pig’s food pallet, consult your veterinarian first. 

Timothy Hay

Given that your guinea pig is now an adult, you should focus on giving timothy hay to your furry friend (instead of alfalfa hay). 

What’s the difference between timothy hay and meadow hay? 

Overall, the main difference between timothy hay and meadow hay is the calcium content. Meadow hay (grown in the meadow…what a shock!) has a higher calcium content than timothy hay. Meadow hay is a good option for foraging since it contains thistles, daisies, and other wildlife. But because timothy hay has an ideal amount of nutrients for your guinea pig, this is the option of choice! 

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guinea pigs who are on a diet of timothy hay for guinea pigs

How much timothy hay should I give my guinea pigs? 

Because hay intake for guinea pigs should be 80-90 percent of their diet, you can either give all timothy hay to your guinea pig or add some alternative types such as alfalfa hay or oat grass hay. 

Can guinea pigs have timothy hay everyday?

Yes, yes, yes! Not only can your guinea pig have timothy hay every day, but your guinea pig’s diet should include around 80-90 percent hay content. You can think of it this way: feed your guinea pig a portion of timothy hay that is around the size of their body. Or, another way to look at it is to always have timothy hay in the cage in order to adequately rest assured that your guinea pig’s diet remains complete. 

timothy hay for guinea pigs

Is too much timothy hay bad for guinea pigs? 

No, you will not harm your guinea pig by feeding them timothy hay. In fact, you don’t have to worry about giving your guinea pig too much timothy hay. Of course, if your veterinarian tells you otherwise, be sure to adhere to those words of wisdom! And if your guinea pig encounters health issues (whether or not you think they are related to timothy hay), contact your veterinarian immediately. 

What is a good alternative to timothy hay for guinea pigs? 

If you’re looking for an excellent alternative to timothy hay, you may consider giving orchard grass hay to your guinea pigs. 

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Is timothy hay good for guinea pig bedding? 

While timothy hay can be used as a bedding for guinea pigs, you must keep in mind that hay is highly absorbent. Thus, a whole bed of hay could potentially lead to mold or mildew problems in your furry critter’s cage. 

guinea pigs who are on a diet of timothy hay for guinea pigs

Wrapping It Up…

Thanks for reading this article, which details the advantages of timothy hay for guinea pigs. If you’re on the lookout for quality timothy hay for your little piggies, we are happy to offer timothy hay grown in the high altitudes of the Pacific Northwest. Not only will your furry critters love our hay source, but you can rest assured that there are no added preservatives or additives. 

Or if you’re interested, check out our articles on timothy hay for rabbits and hamsters

We offer additional organic products for your home and garden, like our organic litter pellets for small animals, and our organic garden straw mulch as well.

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