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Hi, we’re Blue Mountain Hay, and we raise nutritious, high-quality hay and straw for pets and gardens.

Whether you’re a pet owner or a hobby gardener, our premium-quality hay and straw products are well-able to suit your needs whether you need fresh pet food or nutritious garden mulch.

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Garden Straw

Looking for a solution to the garden fertilizer that you use now? Organic garden straw is a great and healthy alternative to sprays that contain residual chemicals, for example. It’s also affordable! As the organic straw composts, it slowly adds nutrients to your garden or lawn, improving the soil. It also blocks out the sun, preventing hidden weeds from growing. Learn more about our Organic Garden Straw now!

Moisturized Soil Plant Protection Weed Control

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Bedding Straw

As its name suggests, our organic bedding straw has no added chemicals, making it a great natural bedding straw for your pet. Straw is also a great insulator and will keep your pet comfortably warm. Whether you own a chinchilla, rabbit, or some other small pet, make your pet happy by providing them with the premium-quality bedding that they deserve. Shop our pet bedding and food for sale now!

Organic Farmed Fresh Odor Control

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Hay for Pets

It’s time that your pet receives fresh, nutritious hay. Help your pet stay healthy with our freshly grown hay, delivered directly from our farms to your door. The high-altitude cultivation of our hay promotes slower growth, enriching the nutrients and enhancing digestibility. If you’re looking for more natural and healthy pet food, try our carefully inspected and thoroughly packaged hay for pets products.

Farmed Fresh Nutrient-dense Hearty

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About Us

Nestled in the great Pacific Northwest, Blue Mountain Hay is a family-owned business that has been serving the hay industry for over 25 years. We are a company that believes deeply in honesty, integrity, value, relationships, and “a good hard day’s work.” This means that you’re always getting the best hay that we can offer, delivered right to your front door.

Natural, premium-quality, nutritional—these words should always be associated with garden mulch or pet food and bedding (e.g. straw rabbit bedding). Unfortunately, there are too few garden and pet food products in the market that resonate with those words. Well, it’s time we met. We’re Blue Mountain Hay and we’re all about premium quality products whether it’s garden mulch or food for your pet. We’re excited to see you tending a thriving garden or feeding a happy and healthy pet. Now’s your chance to be the hero your pet deserves.

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HEALTHY. Fresh. Genuine.

There are all kinds of straw products out there for gardens and pets. Then there's fresh garden and bedding straw. There are all kinds of pet food products out there. Then there's tasty, nutritious pet food. We don't believe in typical products. We believe in real, healthy, genuine products.